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Estate Planning Services

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At APR Law Office, we use our extensive legal experience to create a personalized estate plan for you. We help you plan for incapacity and make sure your legacy is protected. We keep the process as simple and affordable as possible. 


Client Testimonials

Check out why people love our accredited estate planners!

Because we are not married, we were worried what would happen to our house and estate if one of us passed away. Amanda set it up so our house will pass to the survivor outside of probate with a beneficiary deed. With our wills, our estate assets will go exactly where we want, and our investment property is now protected in an LLC. The best part was having our documents in hand the same day! I highly recommend APR Law Office!
Natalie G.
We were worried during the pandemic about not having Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney. We were also leaving town and worried about not having guardians appointed for our young kids. We spoke with Amanda, who drafted a plan specific to us. She emailed the documents to us the same day. We went to our bank to notarize and we had our documents just in time to leave the next day. The whole process was short, easy, and affordable.
Bryn R.